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19 05.2014.

PUBLIC CALL FOR APPLICATIONS for the Award of Scholarships for Croatian Language Learning in the Republic of Croatia

The State Office for Croats Abroad shall approve support/scholarships for Croatian language learning in the Republic of Croatia for up to two semesters.

The following may apply to the Public Call for Applications: persons of Croatian nationality, their spouses and friends of the Croatian people and the Republic of Croatia who nurture the Croatian identity and promote the Croatian cultural community, who have completed at least high school education, are not younger than 18 years, are resident outside the Republic of Croatia or have been permanently or temporarily resident in the Republic of Croatia for no more than two years on the day this call for applications is published.

The support/scholarship will not be awarded to candidates who are also beneficiaries of another scholarship in the Republic of Croatia.

Pursuant to the award of the support/scholarship, the State Office will meet the costs for beneficiaries of:
• a Croatian language course (payment to the organizers of the course)
• subsidised meals, up to two meals a day (paid to the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport)
• accommodation (in a student residence or private accommodation) up to HRK 300 a month
• payment of HRK 100 a month for personal needs.

The courses will be held at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Universities of Zagreb, Split and Rijeka.

• winter semester (1 October 2014 to 31 January 2015)
• summer semester (2 March 2015 to 13 June 2015)


By fax: (+385 1) 6444 688

By e-mail:

The deadline for applications is: 10 June 2014. Incomplete, inaccurate applications and those sent after the deadline will not be considered.



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