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11 06.2013.

Public tender for student scholarships has been issued

The State Office for Croats Abroad has issued the Public tender for the award of scholarships to members of the Croatian people outside the Republic of Croatia – students of university or vocational studies for the academic year 2012/13th.

The following candidates can apply to this Public tender:

•who were born abroad and/or have lived abroad for at least ten (10) years

•who have a temporary or permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia for up to five (5) years

•enrolling or continuing:
a) regular undergraduate or graduate study in Croatia
b) full time professional or specialist professional graduate study in Croatia (hereinafter the university or professional studies)

•enrolling the university or professional study year without recurrence (except Idle student rights under Article 88, paragraph 1, item 12 of the Law on Science and Higher Education).

Scholarships are awarded for a period of 10 months in the amount of HRK 500,00 per month.
The State Office Committee establishes the criteria for the award of scholarships on the basis of score sheets. In this regard they will take into consideration the following data:

•the overall success of the previous schooling year
•social and financial status
•participation in competitions from case studies in the previous schooling year
•published works
•awards in the previous schooling year.

The deadline for applications is 15 days from the date of publication.

Applications should be submitted only by registered mail with a note “Public tender for scholarships” to the following address: Državni ured za Hrvate izvan Republike Hrvatske, Trg hrvatskih velikana br. 6, 10 000 Zagreb.

For further information you can contact us by the following phone numbers:
T: +385 1 6444 680; 6444 692; 6444 81 every work day from 9:00 hours to 16:00 hours

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