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12 10.2012.

Public call for the Councill of the Goverment of the Republic of Croatia for Croats abroad

State Office for Croats abroad issued a Paublic call for the Council of the Croatian Government for the Croats abroad.

The Council is advisory body that offers help in creating the policies, actions and programs in relation to the Croats abroad.

Representation of Croats abroad in the Council shall be determined according to the size and importance of the Croats in the country concerned, activities and community links with the Republic of Croatia, as well as work on the promotion of the reputation and interests of the Croatia. Thus, the Bosnian Herzegovinian Croats have 9, Croatian minority in Europe and neighboring countries 17, a Croatian diaspora - 29 representatives.

The Public Call is open until 10. November 2012th.


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