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11 03.2013.

Head Krstičević official visit to Belgrade

During his official visit to the Republic of Serbia, Daria Krsticevic, Head of the State Office for Croats abroad met in Belgrade with representatives of the Croatian minority in Serbia.

They talked about the position of the Croatian minority in Serbia, as well as activities related to the implementation, so far, agreed minority rights.

During an official visit to Belgrade, Head Krstičević talked with Zarko Obradovic, Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia.

The topic of discussion was the issue of education of the Croatian minority in Serbia. Head Krstičević requested the consistent application of legislation in the field of education in the mother tongue for members of the Croatian people.

It was agreed to intensify efforts Serbian side with the implementation of the Agreement between the Croatian and Serbian minority protection (signed 15 November 2005. Years) and who, by the Republic of Serbia, is not fully realized. Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia will invest additional efforts and take concrete actions to mention the agreement is fully implemented, and concrete actions for realization all minority rights that Croats have in Serbia.
The political and legal situation of national minorities in Serbia is regulated by the constitutional charter, the Charter of Human and Minority Rights and Civil Liberties and the Law on the Rights and Freedoms of National Minorities (adopted by the Assembly of FRY, February 26, 2002 Inclusion. When the Croatian national community by first recognized as a minority). After years of negotiations, Belgrade 15th November 2004. signed the Agreement on the Protection of the Croatian minority in Serbia and Montenegro and the Serbian and Montenegrin minorities in the Republic of Croatia, in 2005. year and ratified by both countries. Based on this agreement was established intergovernmental joint committee with the task of monitoring and submission of recommendations to governments in connection with the acquisition agreement.


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