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11 02.2013.

Representatives of the Croatian minority visited Croatian government

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic received in the Presidential Palace a delegation of Burgenland. The meeting was attended by the Head of the State Office for Croats abroad Daria Krsticevic and Minister of defence Ante Kotromanovic.

Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said that the Burgenland Croatian language and culture is a treasure that we have and it needs to be fully preserved. "The government will help it as much as it can," added the Prime Minister.

President of the Croatian Cultural Association of Burgenland Stanko Horvath met Prime Minister Milanovic with projects that are planned, in order to preserve the language and culture of Burgenland. Particularly stressed the necessity of implementation of the Croatian school system, as a basic precondition of preserving culture. Also, there was talk about the other activities, such as exhibitions and publishing activities, which are an important form of publicity Burgenland culture and history. Part of the funds for these purposes could be used by European Union funds.


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