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06 02.2013.

Head Krstičević received Bishop Komarica

mr. sc. Daria Krstičević, Head of the State Office for the Croats abroad met with the bishop of Banja Luka, Msgr. Dr. Komarica, President of the Episcopal Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mgr. Dr.Miljenko Anicic. Director of the Banja Luka Diocese Caritas.

Head Krstičević emphasized strong commitment of Republic of Croatia to helping the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly returnees in the country. It is a strategic interest of the Croatia - emphasized the head of Krstičević.

She met the Bishop Komarica and Msgr. Ancic, with the recently completed competitions for funding educated, scientific, cultural and health programs and projects of particular interest to the Croatian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which the Croatian government implemented since 2002. year. In 2012., State Office made a step forward compared to previous contests - financed by fewer, but larger, strategic projects. "The main criterion for selection of projects and programs was that their funding significantly contribute to sustainable and long-term survival, recovery, and staying Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This especially applies to the return of Croats to the Republic of Serbian and so we were part of the financial support the projects of road construction to the electricity network reconstruction "- said the head Krstičević

Bishop Komarica met head Krstičević with the current situation in connection with a public invitation to refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the countries of the region, which has sent the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and handed her a statement of the Commission of the Bishops' Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina "Justitia et Pax" in which state the facts and the difficulties encountered by Croats -Catholics who wish to return to their homes in Bosnia.


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