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30 01.2013.

Head Krstičević received the representatives of the Association of Bosnian Croats "Ring" Daria Krsticevic, head of the State Office for the Croats abroad received the representatives of the Association of Bosnian Croats "Ring".

On this occasion, Head Krstičević presented the role and responsibilities of the State Office, which is tasked to coordinate and monitor the activities of the ministries, other government bodies and other holders of Croatian cooperation with Croats abroad, systematically take care to protect their rights and interests, to work on preservation and strengthening of identity, establishing, maintaining and promoting links. Also, we intend to strengthen the Croatian community and their position and role in the communities in which they live - said the head of Krstičević stressing that care for Croats outside the Croatian and solving their problems will be much better organized, in one place, along with a significant number of professionals who will work in various fields.

"Particular attention we give to Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose survival and stay on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is our strategic interest," - said the Head Krstičević.

Association president prof. Ivan Lovrinović thanked head Krstičević at the reception, and expressed his satisfaction that the State Office is finally established.

The meeting was also exposed to the open issues related to the sustainable return and stay Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Representatives of the Association have announced the upcoming conference "Geoeconomic and geopolitical position of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Looking to the Future," which will be held in Sarajevo, 26. 4. 2013th, and a round table on sustainable return of Croats in the Serbian Republic, which should be held this year in Banja Luka.


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