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22 01.2013.

Head Krstičević received Davor Čordaš, Minister for Refugees and Displaced Persons of the Republic of Serbia, BiH Krsticevic, Head of the State Office for Croats abroad received Davor Čordaš, Minister for Refugees and Displaced Persons of the Republic of Serbian and Marija Rapo, Minister Counsellor.

Head Krstičević stressed that the connection with the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, support for their return and stay, keeping their constitutive and the realization of their full equality are the strategic interest for the Republic of Croatia. Head Krstičević met Minister Čordaš with the results of the distribution of funds under the program Funding of educational, cultural, scientific and health programs and projects of interest to the Croatian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that the Croatian government immplemented since 2002.

"We choose 26 out of the total 900 registered projects. Thus, a shift in relation to the former practice of allocation of resources across multiple, but smaller projects. The basic criteria for selection of projects and programs was that their funding significantly contribute to sustainable and long-term survival, recovery, and staying Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. "- said the head Krstičević and posted that Croatian government financially supported projects such as building roads to electricity network reconstruction in the Republic of Serbian .

Minister Čordaš presented the current results of the return of Croats in the Serbian Republic, and plans envisaged for this year. The topic of discussion was the implementation of projects of the Regional Program permanent disposal and return of refugees from the Croatian Croatian families in the Serbian Republic


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