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05 12.2012.

State Office for Croats abroad was co-sponsored the ethnographic exhibition "Traditional jewelry of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina"

In the premises of the Croatian Heritage Foundation was inaugurated ethnographic exhibition "Traditional jewelry of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina." The exhibits belong to the ethnographic collection Monastery and Spiritual Center "Karmel sv. Ilije" on Buško lake, near Tomislavgrad.

"In this lovely collection is preserved the history of individuals woven into the centuries-old history of the whole Croatian people in BiH. It is therefore particularly important to systematically take care of this national treasure and preserve it for future generations, " said Head Krstičević at the opening of the exhibition. She also thanked the Reverend Zvonko Martic to his invaluable contribution in preserving and collecting the fruit of centuries of creativity Croatian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Head Krstičević underlined a significant contribution to the Croatian government to this valuable collection, which is realized through a competition for funding of educational, cultural, scientific and health programs and projects of interest to the Croatian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the state budget. "Investments made by the Croatian project and programs of interest to the Bosnian Herzegovinian Croats, investments are also in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, contributes to the overall prosperity of the country, where Croats are constituent and inseparable part" - said Head Krstičević.

"Traditional jewelry of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina" is the only collection which collect and preserve traditional costumes and jewelry Croats from across the country, and contains as many as 140 complete vintage costumes and over five hundred different decorative items. Basically this is silver jewelry from the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. Among the jewelry stand some extremely rare pieces. With fine jewelry and items are kept of jewelery and ornamental objects are made gifted individuals. The peculiarity of this collection were collected and salvaged costume jewelry Croats in western Bosnia, where it was very difficult to get to certain items and where now lives a very small number of Croats. This is the first time in the Republic of Croatia to introduce this valuable collection of traditional jewelry Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is exceptional support its future preservation.

The exhibition is held under the auspices by Croatian Goverment and by the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Vjekoslav Bevanda, Ministry of Culture. State Office for Croats abroad is co-sponsored the exhibition.


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