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30 11.2012.

Head Krstičević received Nenad Bach, Croatian musician from New York Daria Krsticevic, Head of the State Office for Croats abroad received Nenad Bach, Croatian musician and artist who lives in New York.

On that occasion, Head Krstičević acquainted the famous musician with the activities of the State Office. She stressed the importance of the Council of the Croatian Government for the questions about the Croatian people who are living outside Croatian borders. "The Croatian government wants to establish an effective and systematic cooperation with Croats outside Croatia, cooperation based on mutual respect and partnership. So, we initiated the establishment of Government Council "- said the head Krstičević, adding that the Council will be consist by the most eminent representatives of the Croatian communities around the world. "Together with prominent representatives of state bodies and institutions and civil society in the country, they will help to the Croatian government in designing and implementing policies, programs and activities in relation to themselves," - said the Head Krstičević.

Nenad Bach acquainted head Krstičević about his previous artistic, but also lobbying work for the Republic of Croatia. It was especially intense during the war and after the war - he stressed. Musician's charity concert presented for the Children's Home in Nazarova, which was also the reason for his coming to Croatia.

Head Krstičević thanked Nenad Bach on everything he has done for the Republic of Croatia, and she invited him for more constructive cooperation which will result in a stronger and better connections between the Diaspora and Croatia.


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