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19 10.2012.

Head Krstičević official visit to Slovakia

Daria Krstičević, head of the State Office for Croats abroad stay a two-day official visit to Slovakia.

On that occasion, she held a meeting with Igor Furdik, head of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic for Slovaks outside Slovakia and with Laszlo Nagy, a delegate of the Government of the Slovak Republic for minority issues. The meeting expressed satisfaction with the positive relationship between the two countries towards minorities, which, as noted, an additional value in the bilateral relations between the two countries. They agreed to continue their cooperation and exchange of experiences.

Head Krstičević visited the Museum of Croatian Culture in Devinska Nova Ves, where she met with Jozefina Daničova, President of the Croatian Cultural Society, Juraj Cvečko, member of the Executive Board of CCS, Hederovom Gabriel, director of MHK's, Jozef toggles, historian and Milan Jambor, Mayor Devinska Nova Ves.
After a tour of the space and exhibits and the exchange of information, Croatian delegation visited the Croatian minority in the Croatian tomb, where in the company of Mark's Eve, President of Croatian Folklore Society Horvatanka and other associates of the Municipality visited venue for social activities of the Company as well as Croatia room (miniature museum) in the municipal building.

On Saturday, 20 October 2012., head Krstičević attended the annual meeting of the Croatian Cultural Association, at the Cultural centre Čunovo where her gladly welcomed Jankovic, president of HKS, Mayor Gabriel Ferencak John Maasz, President eng. Cultural Society and Hilda Mitterpachova, a member of the Commission for the development of a culture of national minorities. Upon completion of the annual general meeting of Daria Krstičević visited a private collection of ethnographic John Maasza i Čunovo.


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