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13 10.2012.

Head Krstičević visiting Burgenland Croats and Croatian immigrants in Austria

mr. Daria Krsticevic, Head of the State Office for Croats abroad met in Vienna representatives over 30 Croatian NGOs from the Republic of Austria and the representatives of Burgenland in Austria.

At a meeting with representatives of the Croatian Association in Austria, Head Krstičević presented the activities and the working competency of State Office. She stressed the importance and opportunities that will continue to provide the Croat community through special status for those Croats who, because of legislation in the country of residence must apply for printing from Croatian nationality.

Association representatives are familiar with the tender for the Council of the Croatian Government which was announced to 10 November, in which Austria has three members: two representatives of the Croatian minority and one as a representative of immigrants in Austria. In this regard, association will organize a meeting to elect its representatives to the Council of the Croatian Government.

At a meeting with representatives of Burgenland it was discussed about the recent developments in the national minority adoption of the Law on National Minorities and the need for support of Croatian institutions in the project of establishing a German-Croatian and German-Hungarian schools in Vienna.

During a visit to Austria, Head Krstičević visited "Cultural Cooperative (KUGA) Burgenland Croats" in the Great Borištov, and attended the exhibition "Roman Dodekaeder in Zagreb 1862. - 2012.” and concerts Folk Ensemble" Ivan Goran Kovačić”


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