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05 10.2012.

Head Krstičević received a delegation of the Croatian minority in Slovakia

Mr.Sc Daria Krsticevic, Head of the State Office for Croats abroad received the representatives of the Croatian minority in Slovakia - Mr. Radoslav Jankovic, President and Mr. Fogle Maria, the secretary of the Croatian Cultural Association in Slovakia.

On this occasion Head Krstičević said: "The Croatian government truly wants to improve relations with the Croats abroad, on the foundation of partnership and mutual respect and trust. I'm sure our Croats who are living outside their homeland - want the same thing. State Department will be strong bridge linking and improving the cooperation "- said the Head Krstičević and added that the State Office will, in constant communication and contact with our communities abroad, as well as the Croatian diplomatic and consular missions, joint work systematically in identifying problems and helping strengthen the Croatian communities. Since the Croats outside, in the countries where they live, have different positions and needs, the State Office, with all relevant Croatian institutions, will have different approaches depending on the community.

Croatian minority in Slovakia is one of the 13 recognized ethnic minorities in that country, and the Croatian Cultural Alliance is their umbrella institutions. Founded in 1990. in Bratislava, to coordinate the activities of Croatian cultural societies. Alliance consists of four Croatian Cultural Society: CCS from Čunovo, CCS Devinsko from Novo Selo, CCS from the Croatian Grave and CCS from Croatian Jandrof and from Croatian Youth Club Jandrofa. The richest activity of Alliance's is folklore (there are five bands and a folklore society). Croats in Slovakia today, mostly living in four municipalities in the area of Bratislava: Devin Novo Selo (Devinska Nova Ves), Croatian Grave (Chorvatsky Grave), and the Croatian Čunovo Jandrof (Jarovce). It is actually three separate groups, so in the Devinsko Novo Selo lives čakavci, in the Croatian Grave lives kajkavci and ikavci, and in the Croatian Jandrofu and Čunevo lives Burgenland Croats.


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