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16 09.2012.

Head Krstičević participated at the first Business cafe in Vitez Daria Krstičević, Head of the State Office for Croats abroad participated in the first Business cafe, Economic Forum in Vitez, which brought together 130 businessmen and dignitaries from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Panellists basic themes of conference "Bilateral economic relations between BiH and Croatian in the light of Croatian accession to the EU" were Vjekoslav Bevanda, chairman of the Council of Ministers and Gordan Maras, Minister of Business and Trade in the Croatian Government.

"Fortunately for us, we have a true friend and partner in Croatia. We have excellent cooperation in all fields and sincere friends of the structures, the executive and legislative branches. Persistently working on an even better connecting entrepreneurs to create an enabling environment so that this cooperation, and now very good, was even more successful, "- said the Chairman of the occasion, the Council of Ministers.

"In front of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are many challenges and opportunities, a lot of good and useful binds us to commit to even better cooperation. Much of this will be further enhanced when BiH signed the EU accession treaty, when they will be able to use significant resources and the EU, and in this way Croatia would be willing to help "-said the minister Maras.

Head Krstičević introduced aspects of economic cooperation between the two countries in accordance with the Law on relations with Croats outside the Republic of Croatia, which created the basic legal and institutional basis for the construction systematic and effective cooperation with members of the Croatian people beyond its borders. The Act provides a systematic matching of Croatian businessmen from Bosnia and Herzegovina and their associations with businesses and organizations in the Republic of Croatia: "We will continue to work on improving business ties with the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with businessmen from both countries, we will prepare and implement development projects and encourage the development projects which include employment programs for returnees and immigrants. Besides that, we will, as a form of economic cooperation with the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, encourage cross-border and regional cooperation through its own projects and we will assist in the submissions of the bids for the funds of the European Union "- said the head Krstičević.

Organizers of the first Business cafe in BiH are Dealers Association of BiH communication from Vitez and Embassy in BiH. Business cofe is becoming increasingly popular and increasingly common way of gathering of businessmen, public employees and officials of the executive and legislative authorities in many countries of Western Europe.


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