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12 09.2012.

Head Krstičević official visit to Hungary Daria Krsticevic, Head of the State Office for Croats abroad outside stay in a working visit to Hungary at the 11th and 12 September.

On this occasion, the Head Krstičević met with representatives of the Croatian minority in Hungary - with the president of the Croatian national self Misha Hepp, president of the Alliance of Croats in Hungary Joso Ostrogoncem and with the director of the Pécs Croatian School Krleža Gabor Győrváriem.

"Minorities are a bridge of cooperation to their home countries, and in relation to minorities see the degree of democracy, tolerance and openness of a society" - Krstičević said, adding that, Croatia and Hungary, when it comes to national minorities - an excellent example of good cooperation.

Head Krstičević visited Croatian kindergarten, elementary, high school and boarding school in Budapest, and the non-profit record label "Croatica". She expressed satisfaction with the work of representatives of the Croatian minority in Hungary, thus contributing to the preservation of Croatian identity in this area during the past centuries.

During his stay in Budapest Head Krstičević met with the Zsuzsanna Repas, co-chairmen of the Joint Committee on Minorities Hungary-Croatia Deputy Secretary of State for National Policy at the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice and Csaba Latorcaie, Deputy Secretary of State in the Ministry of Human Resources, responsible for relations with the nationalities and civil society. Meetings are organized primarily for the purpose of agreement about the upcoming meeting of the Joint Committee on Minorities.

Interlocutors, expressed satisfaction with the meeting, the first of its kind between the Hungarian institutions in charge of a nationality and minority issues and the newly established State Office in the Republic of Croatia. Is also expressed confidence in the intensification of contacts and cooperation in the implementation of a number of new projects.


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