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07 09.2012.

Meetings in Rovinj - an opportunity for introductions homeland and emigrant writers Daria Krsticevic ,Head of the State Office for Croats abroad received representatives of the Croatian minority writers meeting with writers in Croatia - prof. Duro Vidmarović and Ms. Anu Bedrin, head of CHF in Pula.

On this occasion, the head Krstičević expressed support for the project “Meetings in the Rovinj”, which became the focal point of dating and homeland and writers outside of Croatia: "The theme of this meeting is not only literary production, but also keeping the traditions, language and customs of the Croatian communities abroad, to improve the protection of their ethnic separateness in countries of immigration, as well as sensitizing the local public for their lives and their problems, "- said the head Krstičević.

Encounters Writers Croatian minority with writers in Croatia in 2012. were held for the ninth time. The organizers are the Croatian Cultural Society "Francis Glavinić" Rovinj, Matica Hrvatska Rovinj, Croatian Heritage Foundation-branch Pula.

In three days of literary, scientific and social events have so far participated in almost all of the most important - the literary and social - representatives of the Croatian minority in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, as well as representatives of Croatian immigrants from Germany, Australia, Switzerland, and many Croatian minority (Serbs, Italians, Jews, Ukrainians), the eminent Croatian writers and scientists.


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