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01 09.2012.

Prime Minister Milanovic opened "Days of Croatian Film" in Orašje

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic has participated in the opening ceremony of the festival "Days of Croatian Film" in Orasje.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Milanovic said: " For a year Croatia will join the EU, after that there will be border between the EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and will be a little harder than it is today. That was not pleased me, but we will do everything to keep that contact like something natural, permanent, continuing as it has always been in history - said Croatian Prime Minister and added: "There are two countries, but one nation, and the nation is a matter of election, nation is identity, the nation can not enforce or expelled. Either you belong or do not belong. It's your will and good spirit, in that good spirit is this festival and these films are art, good and noble that connects people, one in which we have been good at history.” "

In the delegation of Croatian Prime Minister was mr. Sc. Daria Krsticevic, Head of the State Office for Croats abroad.


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