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11 07.2012.

Highly Croatian delegation visited Orašje

On the occasion of a joint visit to the county center Posavina, Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, together with the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Vjekoslav Bevanda, met with representatives of the Posavina, Brcko District and the municipalities in Bosnian Posavina belonging to the Serbian Republic.

In the Croatian delegation was Daria Krsticevic, Head of the State Office for Croats abroad.

Position of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, helping Posavina and its priority projects and the return issue, were some of the topics that discussed at the meeting in Orasje.

Prime Minister Milanovic said that Croatia will continue to provide the support of Croats in BiH.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the County Hospital in Orašje which, for the most part, built with the support of the Croatian Government and a new high school in Orašje.


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