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11 06.2012.

Head Krstičević participated in a roundtable discussion on "Return of the Bosnian Croats - status and perspectives"

In the premises of the Diocesan Chancery in Banja Luka was organized a round table on "Sustainable return of Bosnian Croats - status and perspectives."

On behalf of the Croatian Government turned to Daria Krstičević, Head of the State Office for Croats abroad who recalled that the Croatian Government since 2002, implemented a special program for Croatian people and their associations in BiH.

Head Krstičević announced that the Croatian government would abandon the previous practice of funding a larger number of smaller projects, and will continue to finance fewer but larger projects that will contribute to sustainable return, survival and staying Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The summit's host, Banja Luka Bishop. Komarica warned that the Croatian people, as a constituent, disappears in the Republic of Serbian and Bosnia and Herzegovina. From their pre-war numbers, the Republic of Serbian returned barely 5%, and throughout the country are missing 40% of the pre-war Croat-emphasized.

The organizers of the round table were the Association of Bosnian Croats "Ring", "The European Academy of Banja Luka Diocese, Croatian Cultural Society" Progress "Pan-European Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and the Pan-European Union Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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