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01 03.2013.

Head Krsticevic sponsor of “Večernjakova domovnica 2013th”

”Večernjakova domovnica shows the strength of Croatian emigrants, but also the strength of Croatian unity"

Already, the 7th consecutive year, organized by Večernji list, in the German town of Bad Homburg, the most important scientists, businessmen, artists and sportsmen and individuals, clubs and societies that work outside the Republic of Croatia awarded the prize "Večernjakova domovnica."

This year “Večernjakova domovnica” was held under the auspices of MSc Daria Krsticevic, Head of the State Office for Croats Abroad, who took the opportunity to thank the organizers: Večernji list and Mr. Stipe Puja, editor of the foreign editions. She emphasized that Večernji list was building the links between Croats living abroad with the Croats in their homeland with much success, for seven years. "Večernjakova domovnica means much more than the award ceremony. Večernjakova domovnica primarily shows the strength of Croatian emigrants and the Croatian unity. It brings together not only the Croats in Germany, but also the Croatians from all over the world "- said the Head Krstičević.

Večernjakova domovnica was received by: Bayern Munich footballer Marijo Mandzukic as the most popular professional sportsman. Girlfight from Augsburg Nikolina Orlovic is the most popular sportswoman. In the category of youth sports hope, tennis player Mark Osmakčić from Zurich and Domagoj Sink, footballer SC Freiburg shared the prize. For the twelveyearold Šinki, the night was the brightest. He was the youngest among the award winners. Most popular sports teams, according to the decision of the jury and the reader was the FC and SD buddy Möhlin Croatia in Berlin. Daria Kinzer won the award for the most popular woman musician, while the most popular man musician is Anthony Matic from the Kurhaus. Model Helena Ivancic from Munich is the most popular media personality.

Vanessa Radman was awarded as the most popular actress, Miroslav Nemec is the most popular actor, at the discretion of the jury. Three were awarded prizes for their long term contribution and participation in Večernjakova domovnica, to the member of the Executive Board of the Croatian Football Federation and the commissioner of the Croatian football clubs in immigration Pero Saric community of Croatian football clubs in Germany and screenwriter of Večernjakova domovnica Silvia Simac.

Together with representatives of the most important Croatian associations and sports clubs in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Holland and Belgium, the guests on Večernjakova domovnica were also representatives of the political, cultural, sporting and economic life of Croatia and German.


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