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01 03.2013.

Head Krsticevic visited Croatian pastoral office in Frankfurt am Main

"The preservation of Croatian identity and connection Croats, wherever they live -common goal!"

As part of her official visit to the Croatian communities in Germany, MSc Daria Krsticevic, Head of the State Office for Croats Abroad visited Croatian pastoral office in Frankfurt am Main.

Head Krstičević introduced her hosts, a delegate for the Croatian religious community in Germany, Fr. Ivica Komadina and the associates with the activities of the State Office for Croats Abroad, which jurisdiction covers the area of relations of the Republic of Croatia with Croats living outside its borders.

State Office will, said the Head Krstičević, systematically provide for the protection of the rights and interests of Croats living outside the Croatia, will work to strengthen the Croatian community in the world, the preservation and strengthening of identity, establishing, maintaining and promoting the relationship and in cooperation with other relevant ministries will create conditions for the return of migrants to their homeland and their integration into the economic and social life, and will offer the maximum assistance if they decide to invest in the Republic of Croatia.

Head Krstičević added that the State Office is working systematically on identifying problems and helping to strengthen Croatian communities, in constant communication and contacts with Croatian communities abroad, as well as the Croatian diplomatic and consular missions.

"Because the Croats outside the Croatia, in the countries where they live, have different positions and needs, the government will work with all relevant Croatian institutions and have different approaches depending on the community" said the Head Krstičević.

During the meeting, Head Krstičević expressed gratitude to Croatian pastors and Catholic missions, which have made an immeasurable contribution to the preservation of the Croatian language and culture and which are giving support to the Croats - Catholics around the world. "Croatian Catholic Missions, which were created as an expression of the spiritual care of the Church for its members emigrated believers, have become subjects, not only in spiritual life, but also the cultural immigrant life as evidenced through their life stories, many believers. They were, then and today, necessary and vital to the Croatian emigrants-believers, because they provide a space in which to gather, they work on the preservation of Croatian ethnicity, Croatian language, and cultural and religious identity. Therefore, I sincerely thank you for everything that you have done and I also invite you to cooperate to successfully accomplish a common goal - the preservation of Croatian identity and connection between Croats, wherever they live, "said Head Krstičević.

Delegate Fr. Komadina said that they expect good cooperation with the State Office: "Our office is available to the State Office for Croats abroad so that we can deepen our cooperation, with joint activities, for the benefit of the faithful entrusted to us, but also the Croats living in Germany. Within our means our office is ready to cooperate, "said the Delegate Fr. Komadina who also thanked the diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Croatia in Germany for their support.


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