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28 11.2012.

Held XII session of the Croatian-Hungarian Joint Committee for Minorities

"MOM has important forums for maintaining contact between the Hungarian and Croatian"

Croatian-Hungarian Joint Committee on Minorities held its XII. Session on 28th November 2012, in Budapest. Delegations of the two countries, as well as the co-chairwomen of MOM, led by MSc Daria Krsticevic, Head of the State Office for the Croats Abroad and Zsuzsanna Repas, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Administration and Justice in charge of national affairs.

Both delagations have agreed that the session of MOM are important forums for maintaining contact between the Hungarian and Croatian.

From the standpoint of bilateral cooperation for the protection of minorities, the participation and active involvement of representatives of the Croatian national community in Hungary and Hungarian national communities in Croatia has been rated as
extremely important and indispensable.

We remind that the agreement between the Croatian and Hungarian on the protection of the Hungarian minority in the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian minority in Republic of MHungarian was signed on 5th April 1995. in Osijek. Due to the implementation of the provisions of this Agreement, a Mixed Croatian-Hungarian Committee for Minorities on a governmental level meets regularly once a year. Contents and application of this Agreement are at the highest European standards for the protection of minorities.


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