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15 10.2012.

Delegation of schools in the Australian state of Victoria visited the State office for Croats Abroad

"Language is the basis of the identity"

MSc Daria Krsticevic, Head of the State Office for Croats Abroad received the delegation of schools in the Australian state of Victoria, where the Croatian language is taught at primary and secondary level.

The meeting discussed the possibilities and ways to support the learning of Croatian at the Holy Family Primary School and the need to develop online programs for Croatian.

"Language is the basis of the identity" - said the Head Krstičević and added: "Ignorance and extinction of the Croatian language cause our immigrant communities to lose an important determination of national identity. Being aware of this, we will continue with a program of learning and development of the Croatian language at home. Nevertheless, in the same time and with more zeal we will work with our immigrant communities. We shall endeavor, in cooperation with the relevant ministry, to incorporate e-learning in most of the countries in which they live. The application of modern information technologies in the learning process will expand the availability of educational materials that will in this way become accessible to the students in small towns as well".

Australia's Head of delegation informed Head Krstičević about the way the Croatian language classes are organized in Victoria schools, which is integrated in regular classes. Students have the opportunity to learn the Croatian language from the very start.

A delegation from Australia led by Frank Merlino, director of the Victorian School of Languages, Brian Everett, director of Holy Family School, and Katica Perinac, the president of the Croatian language teachers in Victoria. Milan Bosnjak, director of the Department for the elementary education was the representative in front of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.


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