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07 05.2013.

Head Krstičević gave a presentation at the international conference “Europe on the move – participation and integration of EU citizens

By its membership the Republic of Croatia is contributing an added value to the European Union in the field of migration and integration.


MSc Daria Krstičević, Head of the State Office for Croats Abroad participated in the international conference “Europe on the move – participation and integration of EU citizens” which was held in Vienna on May the 7th and 8th 2013.

Upon the invitation of Mr Sebastian Kurz, the State Secretary of the Republic of Austria for the Integration, Head Krstičević held a thematic presentation among many speakers – experts on issues of migration and integration in the EU.

She spoke about the importance of free movement within the EU and the upcoming membership of the Republic of Croatia in the EU, referring to the added value that Croatia is bringing by its membership in the EU, about the on-going plans and strategies of the EU which Croatia is still acquiring, as well as the good practises of the member countries, and about the anticipations of the joint contribution and cooperation amongst member states which will eventually lead to the resolving of some remaining issues in that area.

During the Conference, Head Krstičević talked with experts and organisation representatives, thus emphasizing the importance of this field and cooperation for the Republic of Croatia as soon-to-be 28th member of the EU.


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