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05 03.2013.

Head Krstičević received Bozo Ljubic, Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Parliament Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina

"Keeping status, rights and the realization of real equality of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a startegic national interest of the Republic of Croatia"

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01 03.2013.

Head Krsticevic visited Croatian pastoral office in Frankfurt am Main

"The preservation of Croatian identity and connection Croats, wherever they live -common goal!"

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01 03.2013.

Head Krsticevic sponsor of “Večernjakova domovnica 2013th”

”Večernjakova domovnica shows the strength of Croatian emigrants, but also the strength of Croatian unity"

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28 02.2013.

Head Krstičević held a meeting with representatives of the Croatian Association of Hessen, Rhineland and Saarland

"Encouraging the return of Croatian emigrants to Croatia, as well as the expanding of cooperation in all areas of culture, sports, science and economy"

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15 02.2013.

State Office for Croats abroad gave support to the Folk festival group of the Croatian Fraternal Union

"The Croatian Fraternal Union has done a lot in the promotion of Croatia and her reputation in the world"

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11 02.2013.

Representatives of the Burgenland Croats visited Croatian government

"Burgenland Croatian language and culture - treasure that we have and that we need to be fully preserved"

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