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What is important to know before returning to Croatia? Which useful information one needs to have?  What to expect? Which are the first steps to be taken before final decision is made?

Based on the Act on relations of the Republic of Croatia with Croats abroad, specifically concerning the Articles 56 and 57, and having on mind willingness to do all necessary efforts in order to make easier return to homeland for all Croats, Government of the Republic of Croatia have established the State Office for Croats Abroad which also includes the Welcome Office.

The main task of the Welcome Office is to facilitate the return and integration of the emigrated Croats in the overall Croatian legal system. The Office can successfully help in resolving various issues: how to apply for Croatian citizenships, how to apply for personal documents, how to register a vehicle or to validate the foreign school certificates, as well as many other necessities. Within the Welcome Office one may receive information on custom and tax benefits for all physical and private persons. More details are to be found at the official State Office web site under the link “useful information”.

Furthermore, the Welcome Office provides a mentor-adviser for all persons who need additional help and support in any matter regarding their return to Croatia.
With mutual effort, in cooperation with other departments of the State Office for Croats Abroad, as well as other administrative bodies of the Republic of Croatia, the Welcome Office represents the focal point to all Croats abroad, including all the Croats who already began their life in Croatia.

The Welcome Office will provide the entire necessary tool to make their return and integration process in the Croatian society more successful.

We believe that our team will be able to answer all your questions and that all Croats around the world will refer to us with confidence. Our task and our main goal are to justify your trust.

We remain at your disposal for all suggestions that you might have in order to be more efficient and helpful. We do hope that the State Office for Croats Abroad will be a crossing bridge towards home for all Croats!



Central State Office for Croats abroad
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